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    Rockefeller Center - New York City - New York - USA (von igrigorik)


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    We Are The In Crowd - “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”

     WEIRDkids out Feb. 18th. Pre-order at: http://smarturl.it/weirdkids

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    Spread the word about our new music video for “Come Home”!

    Love this video!

  4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas. 

    More like How the Grinch is the most relatable character ever.


    Love this!

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    I live for this.

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  6. 2 days left!!!! I’m sooooo excited for Tonight Alive’s new album “The Other Side” to be released here in the U.S. If you like great music definitely check this band out!! This song is one of the many fabulous songs they have on this album. The lyrical content is just so powerful. 

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    Mericuh, Fuck yeah! The Story So Far closing out The Tilly’s stage in Houston, TX for Vans Warped Tour 2013.

    Photograph by Sammy Roenfeldt

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    So….I may scroll through Sammy’s pictures once a day. They’re just so damn good!

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    After the shit storm of weather in Orlando, the sun came out mid set as Jenna sung ‘Amelia’. Beautiful moment.

    Photograph by Sammy Roenfeldt

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    Damn this is an awesome picture!

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    HEY US! You can now watch our new music video for “Lonely Girl”!

    Let us know what you think!

  10. A live image of Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive getting close to the crowd during their stop in San Diego during Warped Tour. Tonight Alive released a new song from their upcoming album called The Ocean. It is a really cool song with great lyrics. Check it out on iTunes. You won’t regret it!!